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Breakout Sessions

10AM sessions:

Pediatric Nutrition and Navigating Feeding Challenges (Ballroom DE):

More info to come.


How to Protect your Family With Estate Planning (Everest A):

Honestly this isn't something many of us may have thought too much about when it comes to our unique family structures. It's especially important in situations of adoption or fostering to know the laws. Join Sarah Stewart as she walks us through the different incapacity and estate planning tools. Let's figure out which ones are most important for your family's unique goals.

11AM sessions:

Creating a Foundation for your Family (Ballroom DE):

Every family ends up somewhere, few end up somewhere on purpose. In this breakout session, experienced ministry leader Greg Gunn will discuss the importance of having an Identity and Purpose for your family.  Few things will impact your family more than making sure every member of your family is headed in the same direction, towards your unique Family Identity. 

Foster Parents and the Courts (Everest A): 

More on this soon.

12PM sessions:

Advocating Without Being Adversarial (Everest A): 

In this breakout you will have a discussion with Dawn Leemon, the DHS ombudsman, aimed at teaching foster parents how to more effectively advocate for their kiddos while maintaining healthy professional relationships among those involved in the case.


Compassion and Fatigue Burnout (Ballroom DE):

More on this to come.

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