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Schedule of Events

Friday, October 7th:

3 PM-5 PM- Check-In @Embassy Suites (741 N Phillips Ave, Oklahoma City, OK)

6:30 PM- ALL THAT GLITTERS dinner @ The Plantation at Coal Creek:  (210 N Sara Rd, Tuttle, OK)

9PM- OKC Improv back @ the hotel in (Ballroom DE)

10PM- Lights Out. JUST KIDDING!! HA! It's your weekend!

Saturday, October 8th:

6 AM-9 AM- BREAKFAST in hotel restaurant

9:30 AM- Britanie Ramirez- Opening Session (Ballroom DE)

10 AM- Breakout 1

10:45 AM- Snack Break

11 AM- Breakout 2

11:45 AM- Snack Break (Yes... we need another... we don't care if you are stuffed from breakfast and the first snack break. You won't be able to say we didn't feed you!)

12 PM- Breakout 3

12:45 PM- LUNCH break

12:45 PM-4:30 PM- Intentional Rest- Go grab a nap in that comfy bed or join in on one of the other activities being provided.

5 PM- Party for 8 (Restaurant choices to come)

7 PM- Tori Hope Peterson- Key Note

Sunday, October 9th:

6 AM-9 AM- BREAKFAST in hotel restaurant (We will select a time to meet for whoever is there for one last meal together)