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Britanie finds so much joy in partnering with and mobilizing others in the world of foster care and adoption. She loves spending time in a room with other parents who "just get it" where she can encourage and motivate other foster and adoptive parents. Brit would tell you her passion flows from a place of inspiring every person in the room to find their spot in this work. She probably gets a little too excited when she is talking to prospective foster parents because... "We will never know the generational, trajectory changing, impact of just one family."

Britanie is a therapist, so she brings not only her personal experience but also leaves her audience with tools and information to implement at home. Britanie is wildly determined to remind each person of their intrinsic worth; so be prepared to leave refilled and refreshed.

Britanie is available for trainings, conferences, retreats,  or whatever creative events you have in mind. Britanie will consider every inquiry but limits her travel to continue to be available to the people who need the best parts of her.


Contact Britanie

Britanie prayerfully fills her calendar. Please expect to hear from the team to set up a call with Britanie to get more details about your event and your expectation of her services.

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