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Happy Birthday.

Last week, our very first placement celebrated another birthday. We weren’t there. That’s the 3rd year we weren’t celebrating with her, but I will always celebrate her. I think about her often. I think about the gift that she was to our family.

She was unexpected, she was a far cry from the parameters that we had set, but she was everything that we needed. She was the shift in our world from “foster-to-adopt” to “foster-to-foster”. Who knew that someone so small would make such an impossible shift.

She doesn’t know, and maybe never will, but we have had over 20 more placements since she left, that would have never darkened our door without her blazing the trail.

She doesn’t know, and maybe never will, but we will be adopting our second child this fall, whom we would have never met if we stuck to our parameters, to our plan.

She doesn’t know, and maybe never will, but this sweet little person, who hasn’t even started kindergarten, has already made an incredible impact in more lives than she could know.

Sweet girl,

Mama B dreams big dreams over your life and prays for complete and whole protection over your world. I hope you always know your worth, because Sister, it's more than you could even begin to fathom. I will always love you, even from right here...

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