We shouldn’t have ever met, but I am sure glad we did. There were so many fears around ‘yes’ at 1:30AM. Your need for a place to rest your tiny head trumped my hesitation. You, my sweet little, were worth the ‘yes’. You were worth the mild anxiety flair-up as I set up a crib, in the dark, before your arrival. You were worth the urgent run to the store for diapers, clothes, formula, and bottles.

Your worth is immeasurable. I hope you always know that. I hope you find your worth in who your Creator is and who He has called you to be. So when you get older, and begin to wonder why you were born into a battle, when you wonder how things could have been different, when you question who you are because, we all do that at some point, I hope we served you well to point you to the one who has held you since before you were even formed.

And sweet baby girl, even when you are grown, I hope the whispers we speak into you while you are here become the loudest voice in the world around you, because Sis, you are worth it.


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